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Environmental and Zoo Education Centres NSW: Sustainability Action Process

Environmental and zoo education centres

Teaching for Sustainability

Learning for sustainability seeks to enable and empower students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable society and ecosystem. Sustainability action is both a preferred pedagogical approach for teaching sustainability and an essential set of knowledge and skills for students to learn.

This learning is best delivered through a wide range of teaching and learning activities utilising all of the Key Learning Areas. Students will develop strong environmental knowledge, awareness and capacity for positive environmental change when it contextualised or taught using real examples, problem solving and with active student participation.

Sustainability Action Process (SAP)

This process supports students to identify, investigate and take sustainability action. When sustainability action is applied as a systematic process to issues and needs, it can be modelled, reapplied to new problems and learned by students with increasing levels of sophistication and complexity. The ultimate learning goal is for students to be able to implement sustainability action with such fluency that they can operate independently of the need for a scaffolded process. The Sustainability action process has five steps:

  1. Making a case for change
  2. Developing the scope
  3. Defining the proposal
  4. Implementing
  5. Evaluating and reflecting

Sustainability Action Process Learning Resources

A range of resources are ready to use to help you facilitate the sustainability action process. Click on the blue links below to be taken to the resource.

Primary - Years 3-6 Secondary - Years 7-10
Energy use and efficiency Energy use and efficiency
Water use and efficiency Water use and efficiency
Waste and materials Waste and materials
Biodiversity Biodiversity
Sustainable transport Sustainable transport
Kitchen gardens Kitchen gardens
Thermal comfort Thermal comfort

Sustainability Education - Developing a deeper understanding and supporting student learning

This presentation and notes will support a school presentation on sustainability education to provide a deeper understanding of sustainability, ways to support student engagement and describe the Sustainability action process.

Managing for Sustainability

The DoE Asset Management resources on the Intranet provide information and resources on the sustainable management of your school grounds.The Education Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG) provides information to assist those responsible for or with an interest in, the management, planning, design, construction and maintenance of school facilities.