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Environmental and Zoo Education Centres NSW: Biodiversity

Environmental and zoo education centres

School Grounds Survey and Biodiversity Audit

Schools can be important places for local species to live and it is easy to study different plants and animals right in the school grounds.  These investigations will assist students to develop a plan for improvement.  Investigations can include:

1. A survey or investigation of the school site including use, features and history

2. Mapping the physical features of the school

3. Describing how the school grounds are used

4. Assessing the habitats in the school

5. Assessing the trees in the school

After completing some or all of the investigations, students can compile a School Grounds and Biodiversity Summary report using their findings and describe improvements for the school grounds.

For more ideas see Sustainable Schools NSW.

Nature Education

This resource includes a series of student interviews with renowned environmentalist, Richard Louv and presentations from the Nature Education Symposium.  Teachers’ notes and student activities are included to support use in the classroom.