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Environmental and Zoo Education Centres NSW: Energy

Environmental and zoo education centres

Energy Auditing

Students can audit their schools energy use in three ways:

1. Quarterly or monthly bills using the School energy use calculator

2. Audit of appliances in the school using the Appliance survey sheet and Appliance cost calculator

3. Daily measurements taking manual readings or using Webgraphs

Teachers can use the Energy in Our School - Energy audit and investigation that includes student investigations.


You can monitor your school’s energy use and generation on-line using Webgraphs by providing detailed data graphs and reports.  The Webgraphs Guide for Schools provides Webgraphs access information and advice for teachers to integrate student learning.

Energy Investigations

You can: investigate your school's energy use through WebGraphs; plan and implement changes to the way energy is managed in your school; measure and celebrate energy reductions; plan a school holiday shutdown and communicate your achievements with the community.