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Environmental and Zoo Education Centres NSW: Waste

Environmental and zoo education centres

School waste audit investigation

Investigate the five different waste streams at schools.

A waste audit calculates the volumes and types of waste the school generates. Use the survey sheets, safety checklist and cost calculators below to help complete a waste audit successfully and safely.

Paper is one of the main items used in schools. Use the paper product road map to understand waste paper as a resource. Use the documents below to:

  • Investigate the volume and cost of paper purchased and the cost to recycle it
  • Discuss the economic and environmental costs and benefits of recycling paper.
  • Undertake a consumption and purchasing survey for paper products in your school

Low Waste Lunches

A low or no waste lunch program at your school can greatly reduce packaging waste. Your school could host Waste-Free Wednesdays or nude food days. Host a Nude Food Day in October as part of a nationwide initiative.

Audit lunch boxes and other packaging to assess the impact of packaging on your school's waste stream.