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School libraries: Policy support

Curriculum and policy support for school libraries - meeting the needs of future learners

Teaching and learning is central to the school library role. The school libraries policy summarises the integral role of the school library in Public Schools NSW including:

• collaborative teaching support
• information services
• personnel
• materials and equipment
• systems.

Library Policy - Schools

Efficient leadership and management ensure that the library provides quality teaching and learning support across the curriculum.

The teacher librarian memorandum states that teacher librarians are essential, collaborative teaching partners in the school. The memorandum indicates that 20% is a fair and reasonable minimum for the management time of the teacher librarian.

Resource reviews in Scan and the online database help schools select resources relevant to their teaching and learning priorities.

Schools use SCIS for cataloguing. This allows school libraries and teacher librarians more time to focus on supporting teaching and learning.



Library systems

Oliver is being implemented in NSW Department of Education schools from 2015. Information for schools, available on the School Libraries area of PSNSW intranet includes:

  • implementation updates and latest news
  • Oliver lighthouse schools program
  • examples of how Oliver enhances learning
  • project overview and Questions and Answers
  • Oliver support for Department schools and how it is accessed. A user group is included.

View highlights of the celebration marking the halfway point in the Oliver implementation at Banks Public School.

Join the conversation -  SLS forum on Yammer

OASIS Library uses SCIS for cataloguing and authoritative management of resources. Refer to the SCIS FAQs for further information.

Support materials

Email LibrarySupport for information about the Introduction to Oasis Library course.  Participant handouts are available for self-paced learning.

Web Enquiry
Library overview
General resources
SCIS cataloguing
Backup rebuild

Thin Client support documentation is available under DET Applications/ Library

For OASIS Library support contact the IT Service Desk


Refer to the OASIS library stocktake guide for detailed information.