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Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) NSW

What is SCIS?

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) aims to provide schools with access to a database of consistent, quality catalogue records. SCIS records are created by experts according to agreed national standards, so that school libraries can quickly download resource records. SCIS records are tailor made for the school environment.


NSW Department of Education schools use SCIS for cataloguing. All NSW Department schools are part of the statewide SCIS subscription, so they do not need to purchase any additional SCIS products. This allows school libraries and teacher librarians more time to focus on supporting teaching and learning. The NSW SCIS team supports NSW schools. All enquiries should be directed to SCIS NSW.

Send a resource to SCIS for cataloguing

If a resource is not on SCIS, contact the SCIS NSW team.

 If it is an eresource or digital resource such as an ebook or streamed video, email SCIS NSW with the details.

For physical resources:

  • make a list of your resources
  • Include this list with the resources
  • include your return address and contact details

Post your resources:

When using Australia Post

When using courier or personal deliveries

NSW SCIS Cataloguing
Learning Systems
NSW Department of Education
Locked Bag 53

NSW SCIS Cataloguing
Learning Systems
NSW Department of Education
Level1, 1 Oxford Street

Print an address label for Australia Post Print an address label for courier service


  • Schools are responsible for the cost of postage to SCIS NSW
  • SCIS NSW will return the resources via Australian Post
  • Parcels must be under 16 kg weight – this is an Australia Post requirement.
  • Return via courier can only be arranged by the school.

Further information

  • Resources are returned with the SCIS number annotated in pencil on the flyleaf or title page of books.
  • Audiovisual and electronic resources are returned with a printed copy of the SCIS MARC record attached in the item packaging.
  • SCIS numbers can be used instead of the ISBN, or where there is no ISBN, to order MARC records on SCISWeb.


To clarify any of these matters or to check the progress of your resources please contact SCIS NSW or phone Judy Engall (02) 9266 8656 or Fiona Langridge (02) 9266 8958.

Help and advice

Four smiling SCIS team members standing in a park

Please contact SCISNSW for advice or support on cataloguing issues.
Judy Engall
Jenny Avery
Fiona Langridge
Christine Hyne


OASIS Library support: Hardware and software problems, including trouble-shooting and operational aspects, should be addressed to IT Service Desk

Oliver support: Use the support links within Oliver. For further information see Oliver support on the SLS intranet page

SCISWeb: For lost user names and passwords contact 1800337405.

SCIS news and information from ESA